Customs Divisions

Cargo Inspection Section

This section is characterized by carrying out customs clearance procedures in terms of inspection, import, export and transit goods to and from the airport, finalize the transaction quickly and provide all facilities for companies and customers. 

Airport Inspection Section

This division is marked by easing the passage of travelers arriving in and departing from the country, through checking their baggage using scanners and carousel devices with ease. 

Operations Division

The operation Division is deemed to be one of the most vital division inside the department. It is characterized by receiving customers to finalize their customs procedures with respect to print data and outstanding invoices, carry out statistics data and attest and certify entry/exit certificates that are issued from and to the department.

Seaport inspection Section

Fujairah Customs plays a vital and important role in Fujairah Port and Dibba Port. It ensures the validity if documents, inspects all cargo and obtain licenses, check the safety of cargo ensuring no prohibited and restricted items. As well as inspect and control all travelers arriving at Fujairah Port. 

Freezone Inspection Section

Freezone is specific geographical zone inside the borders of UAE, but it deals as if it is located outside the borders of UAE, and regarded as commercial hub. The department lays down the mechanism to facilitate entry, exit and inspection procedures in all three Freezones.

Post Office Inspection Section

The office is located in the main branch of Emirates Post office in Fujairah city. This office is characterized by checking and inspecting all received postal packages after ensuring that they are free of any forbidden or restricted items. Then all clearance procedures are carried out by calling packages’ owners to collect the same after paying the required customs duties or exemption from duties according to the status of the goods.


All customers sections located in Port, Airport and Freezone work 24 hours. The Department endeavor to provide its service and facilities to all sector of Fujairah in order to support and improve trade and economic movement in UAE generally, and Fujairah particularly.

Fujairah Customs upon directions of our wise leadership, insistence of senior administration and the effort of their sincere people was able to accomplish many achievements during the past period. These achievement contributed in improving the customs work in UAE and enhance the trade movement between Fujairah and the world. Undoubtedly,   these achievements are regarded as an important contribution in the field of customs work inside UAE reaching the highest level which in turn lead to safe society and fair trade.