Personal Exemption

The controls:
  • The exemption shall be for the UAE citizens who resident outside the GCC countries and foreigners when they come for the first time for residence in Gulf Cooperation Council States.
  • The personal baggage and the household items shall be used and of personal nature, in non-commercial quantities and they shall be brought from the country of residence.
  • The foreigners shall submit documents that prove that they come for work or residence in one of Gulf Cooperation Council States for a period that is not less than one year (365 day) as a condition to exempt their used household items.
  • This clause doesn’t include transportation means in all their kinds and the goods of special nature.
  • The personal baggage and household items shall be subject to the prohibition and restriction rules mentioned in Common Customs Law of the Gulf Cooperation Council States and the national legislations.

Documents to be attached to the unified customs statement

  • A copy of ID card, passport or residence visa
  • Detailed list of the used household items.
  • Commercial invoice of the personal baggage and the new household items.

The Requirements:

  • Delivery permission for sea or air import.
  • Bill of lading for sea or air import.
  • Load statement (Manifest) for the land import.

The Procedures:

  • The exporter, his representative or the customs broker (the commissioner) shall automatically regulate the customs declaration.
  • All documents and requirements shall be submitted to the Customs Department.
  • Payment of other due charges.
  • The goods shall be subject to inspection and examination according to risks standards then the simplified customs declaration is printed according to the automated clearance system followed in the Customs Department.
  • Issuing the exit permit and clearing the goods.