Guidelines for the travelers

Security inspection upon arrival:

Follow arrivals and exit signs to the customs control and after passing the customs control you will arrive to the place of receiving the baggage. After receiving the baggage you will pass the security check point of Customs Department. You just pass this point if you don’t have anything that may require permission.

The permitted items without customs duties

Every traveler is allowed to enter the following to United Arab Emirates

  • 4 liters of alcohol or one box / 24 bottle of beer
  • Cigarettes with value of AED 2.000 or 400 cigarettes
  • Cigar with value of AED 3.000
  • 2 kilogram of tobacco
  • Gifts with value of AED 3.000 including perfumes

It is important to know the illegal materials or materials prohibited to enter to United Arab Emirates.

The drugs and medicines

  • United Arab Emirates follow a zero-tolerant policy against the drugs. Since the most little quantity of holding illegal drugs which prohibited by law led to imprisonment of the travelers who try to enter into or transit through United Arab Emirates.
  • It is necessary to have a medical prescription with any medicine that will be entered into the country. Some drugs and medicines which can be purchased without medical prescription in other countries are classified as materials that shall be subject to the control in United Arab Emirates and possession of them considers illegal. The person who possesses medicines with or without medical prescription may be arrested and sued or if they include codeine for example or any similar opiate contents.
  • Please call the nearest embassy or consulate of United Arab Emirates to get advice if there is a necessary to bring medicines or other drugs to the State.
  • The prohibited items such as Hashish, Opium or etc. are banned. Strict punishments are applied in this regard.